Glutton Skillet (S)

Category: Kitchenware
Product code: 4997337291712 ▪ Size: W 240 × D 165 × H 40 mm., ▪ Material: Iron, ▪ Country of origin: China.
Price 1,150฿

23 July 2019

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Glutton Skillet (S)



Made by casting techniques against the stream of teflon-coating.

It keeps high heat transfer rate and retain heat super-effectively.






1. It had been processed seasoning. In the first using, wash it well with hot water and detergent.

2. Use certainly with cooking oil,etc.

3. Don't use with IH cooking heater.

4. Using oven,operating temperature limit is 250℃.

5. Recommended over low-medium heat (no-high heat).

6. Don't touch hundle without kitchen mitten, etc.

7. Don't cool down heated skillet hastily with put cold water,etc.

8. Keep out of reach of children.

9. When the smell like steel , Stir fry heavy-scented vegetables.( onion,celery,etc.)