Sarasa Squeeze Bottle (Warm Gray)

Category: Kitchenware
▪ Color: Warm Gray, ▪ Size: W50 × H170 mm. (150 ml), ▪ Material: Silicone, ▪ Made in China
Price 810฿

30 November 2020

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Sarasa Squeeze Bottle



As item name, you can refill easily and squeeze detergent by single hand.



It is made with silicone that is soft and non-slip,

so that the sink is not damaged, even you fall it and easy to clean up.



The screw part is also made with silicone, otherwise it is hard to spill out the content from the screw part.

The silicone is strong with corrosion and heat that is not change shape with 150℃, so that you can disinfect by hot water.

You can use for not only the detergent, but also for other purpose considered slicone material.