Pile (Pink)

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Category: Magnifying Glasses
▪ Strap length: 75 cm. ▪ UV cut rate: 99% ▪ The magnification is equivalent to "+2.50" for reading glasses.
Price 2,500฿

01 September 2020

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Pile (Blue)



New model of the popular loupe type.

It has the function of both UV-cut sunglasses

and loupes for a pop impression.


This is a useful item when you want to look a little bigger..."

or "It's hard to read but not enough to wear glasses...



It can be easily taken out of your breast pocket or bag for easy use.

It is also collapsible and can be stacked to make it look even bigger,

making it a highly flexible product.



It can also be used as a flattering pendant around the chest

and makes a great gift!

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