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【mamuang】Fluffy Badge

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◾ Color: Red ◾ Size: W4.5 x D3 x H12.5 cm. ◾ Material: Polyester ◾ Made in China
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23 January 2021

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MAMUANG meets niko and...

Fluffy Badge




A collaboration item between niko and ... and Mamuang, a character born in Thailand and popular in Japan.

A cute mini plush toy with a badge and ball chain that can be attached to a bag or the like.

There are two types that you can feel particular about the three-dimensional form and touch.

The lineup that seems to be healed just by having it is recommended for yourself or as a small gift.






A bright and cute girl character "Mamuang" born in Thailand.

One of the charms is not only the cute characters and beautiful colors, but also the gentle message that makes you feel at home.

The author is Wisut Ponnimit. Born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1976. Nickname is Tam.

Debuted as a manga artist in Bangkok in 1998 and stayed in Kobe from 2003 to 2006.

In 2009, "Heathy It Aqua" won the Encouragement Award in the Manga Division at the Media Arts Festival of the Cultural Agency.

Currently, based in Bangkok, he is active in various fields such as animation production and music activities while producing works as an artist and manga artist.




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