Inner Pile Towel Face Towel (Navy)

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Category: Towel
▪ Color: Navy, ▪ Size: 290 x 820 mm., ▪ Material: Cotton, ▪ Country of origin: Japan
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21 September 2020

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Inner Pile Towel - Face Towel (Navy)



Voluminous but soft.

A towel combining the best of gauze and pile.



This towel has two outer layers of baby-soft gauze

with an inner layer of highly absorbent pile. 



They Use it after bathing or washing, to cover your pillow or as a blanket

thick and fluffy yet soft and light, this is our reinvention of the classic towel.



100% organic cotton 

** "please DO NOT use softner, or the yarn would be broken easy" 

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