TRUNKSORY Steel Blue (S)

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▪ Materials : Polypropylene (BODY) / Polyester, Polyurethane (Strap) ▪ Size : W294xD221xH109mm ▪ Inside dimensions : W255×D170×H90mm ▪ Weight : 545g ▪ Made in : Japan
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18 November 2020

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TRUNKSORY Steel Blue (S)



It is very new to use trunks to storage... 

Trunks they have their own stories and travel histories, a peculiar atmosphere and these elements are good at making your interior more attractive by antique and vintage images.


Their selected three colours with delicate designs that make you forget they are plastics. Fit into any kind of your interior.


Discover your new way of storage and enjoy your own TRUNKSTORY.

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