Easy-to-grip Sponge - Grey

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◾ Color: Grey ◾ Size: 8.5 x 14 cm. ◾ Material: 50 % Acrylic / 50 % Polyester / Urethane foam ◾ Made in Japan
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18 November 2021

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[Shape] With a thickness that is easy to grip even with a small female hand

and center stitching, you can wash your clothes without stress. 

A sponge with a thickness that fits well in the grill mesh, making it refreshing. 

With a loop, it can be hung on a hook and dried.


[Fabric] The characteristics of the fabric are different on the front and back,

and the front is knitted mainly with acrylic thread, which is suitable for removing tea astringency.

The back side is specially processed to make it hard,

making it ideal for removing kogation around HI and pots.

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